Blog move and Hopeless Generation

I have moved my blog to my web page. I figured that if I’m going to be writing a blog no one is reading I should write a blog no one is reading on my website. So what do people look for in blogs?

I’ll try to avoid being a great pretentious windbag of cliché-speak.

Any writing must be entertaining and distract me in a way I haven’t been distracted before. So I shall try to make posts that offer some humor or entertainment.

If you enjoy them, send me some feedback via social media.

Today a Poem

Hopeless Generation

by Drayton Alan

Why the dismal darkening dirges? Be gone oh sounds of saddened children. Those whose bright futures have faded dull to grey and black. Gone is the pretty child, pink dress and curly hair. Cut and pierced they stain their flesh, In hopes that feeling once there might return. Calloused is their heart, polluted their heads. Gloomy Goth outcast of darkened hearts and souls. Floral bouquets that wreak of oily sludge. Over death and pain they obsess, Their verse is dark and brooding filled with anger. Tendrils of rot and stench of corpses fill their nostrils. Dead men's bones decorate their mind and breast in black and blue inky stains The greatest generation, beget the lost generation, beget the hopeless generation.

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