Being a Successful Writer

Comments of some of the writers on my FB group got me me thinking! I wax philosophical here. I agree it is very difficult to be noticed even if many people tell you your writing is good. From the purely business standpoint, how do you really know how much effort to put into it when it’s not your sole livelihood. I'm not in a position to quit my day job and write exclusively. I'm also old enough to know that my life will not be empty if my hopes for being a successful writer don't turn out. I'm already a successful father, husband, and very blessed. I might not be what they would call 'hungry' enough to become what they consider a success. But I have seen how the lives of the so-called successful turn out...

So I will be happy writing and getting a few hundred readers who enjoy it and be free to write what I like how I like. If a person doesn't have other things in life to give them joy then please find some. Perhaps my books will catch on 20 years after my death or never but it will all be the same to me. If you like what you write and it gives you a sense of accomplishment, then you are already a successful writer! You just need to make a living is all. Isn't it merely a popularity contest of a sort?

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