Imagination fuel

I'm going to share a secret website that I use for writing. Okay it’s not a secret but it is a weapon against being hung up on a name, place, or description. It has some wonderful generators and saves a lot of time. I also go there to get ideas. I put this link next to my dictionary and thesaurus.

Here is an example of one of the generators results for Names of Realms: Barony of the Travellers, Blessed Fief of the Grizzlies, Country of the Copper Lives, Deed Marchessies, Fief of the Celestial Arch-angel's Cyclops, Fief of the Five Sunrises, Mighty Sand Empire, Nine Candlesticks County, Province of the Five Superior Gems, Royal Fair Crown Earldom, Royal Land, Ruddy Country of the Drum, Three Hoards Land.

I can imagine writing a story about any of these places, get your imagination fired up and start writing a story. Have fun and share it. For many years I was afraid because the grammar wasn’t perfect or the spelling was poor and my handwriting less then stellar. However no the computer corrects my worst offences and I am free to write.

Why not take a few minutes and try it?

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