The Death of Manners and Respect

We had something happen to us, that has shown me where the culture and society is headed. No manners and no respect for authority. My wife and I host a small Minecraft server that was for our kids and their friends, as our boys outgrew the game others have joined and we allow them to play if they follow the rules.

Well the other day my wife was scolding a little kid who is probably 9 years old for destroying and stealing other people’s things on the server. (When they are that young we try to teach then not to steal instead of banning them outright, esp when we know the kid.) Well, it seems my wife committed the sin of using CAPS while telling the child not to steal. Two of the other kids were deeply offended and rudely scolded us for the next 30 minutes, because we could have hurt the child's feelings by using CAPS in our reprimand!!! They weren’t upset that the kid was stealing and destroying other people’s property. No, it was that we might hurt the kid’s feelings. No one wants to hurt someone’s feelings but that is preferable to raising a generation of thieves and vandals. When did “feelings” become more important than respect for others property, respect for older ones, and respect for the rules of society? Sure this is a game but it is also a microcosm of society as well.

Children are being taught that disrespect in the name of protecting feelings is okay. People today it seems, are just looking to get into your business and be offended by what you do. We need to WAKE UP (Caps used for emphasis not to yell, don’t be offended.) We live in a poisonous culture. People are being taught that they have the right and duty to correct any one regardless of age, position or the law–and regardless of the fact that they don't have all the information. Respect for experience and age has been replaced with judgmental prejudice and mistrust of everyone in authority. The blind hatred for law enforcement we see in the news is just symptom of this. How Satan must be rubbing his hands at the fruitage of the propaganda he has spread through higher education and the media. The world is poised to meltdown into violence and chaos. Soon, it will do this as foretold. (2Tim 3) So teach your children real values based on God’s word and its timeless principles or they may be swept away with the hatred and selfishness of today’s world.

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