Why I'm not Writing ATM

You know me, I hate to bring up controversy.... but I have been studying the layout of the QWERTY keyboard and find there are more theories to its awkward arrangement than first thought.

I had been told its purpose was to slow the typist down to prevent jamming in mechanical typewriters. But then I ran across this comment, " Many history books say that the top row of the QWERTY keyboard is arranged to make it easy to type the word "TYPEWRITER." All the letters for that word are up there. Supposedly, salesmen liked to demonstrate that word, typing it smoothly." I can picture this scene in my mind and I like it.

To say the least, my world has been turned upside down by this revelation. Now I sit and stare at my keyboard for hours just wondering. It’s not writer's block or anything, just serious historical contemplation. How much more would I be writing if I had a Dvorak keyboard or switched to the thumb based KALQ system?

There’s a chance it will all soon be replaced with some futuristic brain interface, so should I even be writing at all till then? Well now I did it, I went and ruined your day too…


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