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   Welcome to the website for author Drayton Alan. I hope you will find stories to delight your senses and tickle your sense of fun. 

    I write in a number of genres since I believe that when a person limits his read (or writing) to only a few areas they limit their own potential. I am fascinated by everything I encounter so if I feel a story I write it, regardless of genre.  A genre is at it heart a marketing strategy, designed to help publishers sell more books. It can be a useful way of defining a type to help readers but it also could mean that a reader might miss out on some wonderful stories.  

    All of my stories are family friendly. Although at times realistic descriptions may be upsetting to younger readers, I attempt to keep it in good taste or inline with expectations. I also don't believe profanity has a place in my books, I find it degrades and debases language.

   I hope you enjoy my work and will click the contact link at the bottom to tell me about your reading experience.



Drayton Alan

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