The third book in the popular ‘Stout Tales’ series, by Drayton Alan had entered the final editing phase and should be ready for fans at its release during his appearance at this year’s Motor City Comic Con in May.
If you're tired of reading stories about saving the princess or saving the universe, you might be interested in a story where "Saving the Beer" is the hero's main objective. Not really fantasy and not quite historical, it stands alone in the newly coined ‘Beer Fiction’ genre. This unique series follows the fantastic tales of the fictional beer connoisseur and publisher of the Brewmaster’s Quarterly Gazette, Del Breowan.
In the latest installment, Del has received dire news of a tragedy in the small medieval English town of Stratford. Fourteen men have been poisoned at the local beer festival and Del’s good friend and fellow brewer, Totalmire, has been implicated. The local beer inspector, John Shakespeare, has only recently been appointed aleconner in Stratford and hasn’t a clue to help him find the evildoer. Can Del and his friends help John find the mad poisoner before he strikes again? Can Del help young Shakespeare woo the Lady Arden? 
Join Del Breowan, Anklesneeze the Bard, and some of his new friends as you listen to this the third tale of this renowned craftsman whose unparalleled love for brewing has never truly faded. You will have no trouble forgiving his outlandish stories, because the beer is so good.

Third Book in the popular ‘Stout Tales’ Series Announced

Great Interview from 2018 Motor City Comic Con

   Welcome to the website for author Drayton Alan. I hope you will find stories to delight your senses and tickle your sense of fun. 

    I write in a number of genres since I believe that when a person limits his read (or writing) to only a few areas they limit their own potential. I am fascinated by everything I encounter so if I feel a story I write it, regardless of genre.  A genre is at it heart a marketing strategy, designed to help publishers sell more books. It can be a useful way of defining a type to help readers but it also could mean that a reader might miss out on some wonderful stories.  

    All of my stories are family friendly. Although at times realistic descriptions may be upsetting to younger readers, I attempt to keep it in good taste or inline with expectations. I also don't believe profanity has a place in my books, I find it degrades and debases language.

   I hope you enjoy my work and will click the contact link at the bottom to tell me about your reading experience.



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