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About the Author


Drayton Alan is a multi-genre fiction author, illustrator, public speaker, and game designer. Author of four science fiction novels successfully funded on Kickstarter. The Founders Gifts series reached top ten in its category on Amazon. He also wrote the humorous Custodians of the Cosmos, a wild science fiction parody that tells the story of “Those that boldly go, to clean up after those that boldly just went.”

His popular Stout Tales beer fiction fantasy series of novelettes has a loyal following among craft beer makers (and drinkers). Drayton has also written and illustrated the Narwhal themed children’s book entitled Icey Dicey, along with its associated board game. His 42-word flash fiction A Letter to Douglas was recently chosen as a winner in a Douglas Adams flash fiction contest.

Drayton Alan is the secret identity of a field engineer for a Fortune 500 aerospace company. During the day he appears as only a mild-mannered tech expert, but at night he fights evil. Well, he writes fiction where his heroes must contend with evil.

Born and raised in the Motor City area, he now lives in Mid-Michigan, writing his novels and running his popular Social Media Page “Funny Science Fiction” along with its 70 Thousand Plus and growing fan base.

2019 saw the Motor City Comic Con release of his newest paperback Porter, book three in his Stout Tales beer fiction series, which features the fantasy adventures of a craft brewer in the 16th century.

You can find his work at or join his popular 80,000+ member Facebook group Funny Science Fiction to get your daily dose of Sci-Fi fun.

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