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The Founders Gifts: The Symbiotic Sword


 Cybernetic nanite technology from an ancient sword has infected him. Now this young man, Dalt, hears and sees the images of people from an earlier time. These are not mere recordings of the founders of his world but virtual humans stored in a nanite matrix now interfaced to his brain. These founders tell him the truth of his world, an uncomfortable truth. From the viewpoint of those founders, his world is a backwards place. It's a place where using unapproved technology means punishment by the anti-technology Purist who run his world. Can technology help his people have a better life and really improve his world, or will its storehouse of information corrupt and pollute it? The inner dialog of this young man with the very ones who changed the world provides him answers for his future, but at the same time, he discovers disturbing questions about the past.

 He realizes he must search for the wisdom he needs to find the answers. Then he meets someone who has beauty, power and privilege, yet secrets of her own. What will he do when she discovers his secret? 

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...I enjoyed this book. The characters were strong, the dialogue was good, and the story progressed nicely. I've never read a story quite like this one before and I liked it.

 Nicholle, via Amazon 

The Founders Gifts: Book Two


 Dresinia’s civil war is over and Princess Adriana’s coronation is imminent. Yet she and Dalt continue to face the founder's legacy of conflict and suffering. Despite having the help of the amazing technology of The Founders Gifts, the struggle continues! Dalt finds himself once again locked into a battle against the remnants of the pseudo-religious Purists whose fiendish plans include extorting and terrorizing the innocent townsfolk of his hometown with more of their mutated Jaguarundi. Now, the princess has fallen prey to an evil plot, becoming trapped in a bizarre virtual reality by one of the Purist leader’s dirty tricks. Will they survive to bring a better life for their people? Or will the menacing darkness of centuries past crush their hopes of love and happiness? New science fiction book.

The story is quite engaging, the technology is explained in a way that average technology enthusiasts would appreciate, and the ending leaves you wanting more. It's one of the better sci-fi novels I have read. Definitely worth the purchase.

Joshua, via

The Founders Gifts: Book Three


 Criminal investigators make a video of the bloody aftermath of the murders at the Bright Haven Academy, implicating Queen Adriana, and present this evidence to a gathering of world leaders. After seeing video technology for the first time, these shocked leaders immediately declare war on the young Queen. Unaware, Adriana leaves on a mission to meet these same leaders. She hopes to expose the evil genetic tampering of a group of scientists who call themselves the Purists. When ambushed and facing certain defeat, she uses her nanite-powered camouflage to escape into the wilderness, hoping they will spare her wounded guards. Alone, she cannot prove her innocence. She needs real people with real power, if just one person would look at the facts of the case, there might be a chance to prove her innocence and reveal the real threat posed by the Purists. The Founder’s technology and her connection to its database of virtual experts isn’t enough to save her this time. Most of her friends have been captured, but one person just might help her, the Dowager Duchess Evelyn, Adriana’s future mother-in-law. What happens next, will alter the course of humanity forever in this action packed adventure complete with mutant monsters, young love, and a secret mission behind enemy lines.

The characters are engaging and brought to life in such a way that you really can feel their emotions, pain, and sense of wonder. The content is really reflective and insightful in the way it approaches the lifestyle and behaviors that many of us act out in our daily lives, and in that way, it provides a somber opportunity for us to do a bit of introspection

Luke, via Amazon

Custodians of the Cosmos


   Kale Butterly’s dream of being a starship officer seems dead when he fails the entrance exam for the Coalition Officer’s Space Academy.  So he devises a fool-proof backup plan–get a custodian job on a starship, meet lots of officers, and impress and amaze them until they recommend him for the program.  He only needs one recommendation, but Kale underestimates the exceptional level of fools his fool-proof plan is up against. 
   In this action-packed science fiction parody, Drayton Alan weaves the comic story of the unsung heroes who keep the starship COSMOS squeegeed clean.  This quirky group of custodians, robot techs, and interior decorators find themselves fighting ignorance and aliens, with nothing more than high tech shop vacs and all-purpose spray cleaner.  Can the custodians save the starship?  Will Kale become a Ship’s Officer, as he's always dreamed?  Can humans, robots, and a sassy race of squidmen live peacefully within the same galaxy? Find out the hilarious answer in Custodians of the Cosmos.  

A great Read! Giantess Amazon Warriors! Sqiudmen! Lactarians! and a whole Array of Galactic Characters That make the
Klingons look mediocre! This book has it all, Romance, Humor, Dark Matter, Teleporting Adventure at Warp Speed! this read kept me up all night just saying one more page then I'll pick it up Tomorrow, But that didn't happen, Stayed up all night and read the whole thing! 

Dave, via Amazon

Novellas and Short Stories

Johnny Gizmo Cat Puke Thursday

  They didn’t call them 'nerds' in the 1930’s but that doesn’t mean they weren’t around. Johnny Gismond a.k.a. Johnny Gizmo was one of them. Johnny has been tinkering with his comic book inspired inventions since he was a kid, but it’s the depression and he can’t catch a break. He does have a job at a radio station and that is something, but his dreams are on hold. Then one dreary Thursday, the day starts off bad and then gets worse. Johnny brags to a pretty reporter who is desperate for a story. Johnny’s life changes forever. She publishes a story about all of his marvelous inventions, which are nothing more than pipe dreams. He sort-of forgot to tell her they were only mock-ups and half working failures. But as coincidence would have it, her story about his homemade death rays and wrist radios comes out on the very day Earth is first visited by aliens. Now everyone looks to Johnny to use his amazing inventions to protect Earth. Can he survive the Feds, the Fascists, the lady from the press, and actually help the Earth; or will they find out he’s a lying fraud?  

  Find out in this action-packed 10,000-word story straight from a 1930’s that shoulda been.

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