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Image of the cover of the IceyDicey Book


A Narwhal Adventure

8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 
Full Color Bleed on White paper
26 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1978203174 
ISBN-10: 1978203179 
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Marine Life
Dicey is a happy Narwhal who lives in the cold water and ice of the Arctic. Friendly and curious, Dicey works together with his friends to have fun despite the dangers of freezing cold and hungry Orcas. You’ll love learning about Narwhals while you enjoy this playful adventure in the far North.

The Game!

IceyDicey is the world’s first Narwhal-centric dice game.  Compete with your friends to score the most dice and win! Fail and become a human popsicle, but fear not!  The Narwhal of Redemption may smile upon you and put you back in the game.  

 Up to 4 Players battle to win the top spot in this Arctic challenge.  But be careful! Even Narwhals must face threats from Polar Bears, Orcas, and harsh weather.    You’ll love this easy, fast-paced dice game that never plays the same way twice.   

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