He Said, Said He

July 2, 2016

Why does the advice to "Only ever use 'said' as a dialogue tag" tempt me to write a story whose main characters have the last name Said? 


"Mr. Said I told you what I said before," Mrs. Said said.
"I don't care if you don't like calling each other by our last name. Its something custom demands that we do Mrs. Said," said Mr. Said.
"It makes me sad, Mr. Said, that we must do this," Mrs Said said.
"I understood what you said,"Mr. Said said. "But just saying it doesn't make it so."
"But what of our poor daughter, Miss Said? When she said her name in class her teacher misheard her, and now her name is miss said whenever she is called on," Mrs. Said said.
"Well said, mom," Miss Said said.
Take that dialogue tag nazis!

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