A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Writer

August 25, 2016



6:00 AM wake early to get XXaXlotXXXXaXgreatXdealXX (heaps?)of quality writing done in the peace and quiet of the early morning hours. Check thesaurus for better word. 

6:05 AM Stop staring at the screen in disgust and check your email to see if any publishers have responded to your queries since you went to bed last night. A notice of a new post on social media pops up.

7:00 AM stop your mindless searching and reading of social media and get back to writing.

7:10 AM dog/cat/kids/spouse needs walkies/feeding/ attention/attention.

7:30 AM back to writing!

7:35 AM yell at dog/cat/kids/spouse to stay out of garbage/plants/trouble/cake.

7:40 AM Clean up and fix garbage/plants/trouble/cake.

7:50 AM Check email again for big news about your book.

7:51 AM feel like a failure because no acceptance emails have arrived.

7:52 AM go back and read some positive reviews of your work and feel confident about your writing ability again.

7:57 AM start writing again.

8:00 AM get ready and leave for work.

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM have every ounce of creativity and inspiration sucked from you drop by torturous drop.

5:01 AM endure exciting and perilous commute.

6:00 PM come home yell at dog/cat/kids/spouse to stay out of garbage/plants/trouble/pie.

6:05 PM take for walkies/clean up cat mess/ help with homework/make dinner for dog/cat/kids/spouse.

6:15 PM check amazon to see if your novel is selling. Worry that you should have submitted it to one more publisher/agent/contest before self publishing.

6:17 PM feel like a failure because only 2 books sold today. Worry that you should spend more time promoting your books to readers/publishers/social media.

6:20 PM Think about writing a blog.

6:21 PM Try to think of a topic.

6:25 PM only topic that comes to mind is “10 Reasons why I can never write a blog”.

6:30 PM wonder if Listicle is a real word.

6:45 PM explain to your dog/cat/kids/spouse that you need more time to spend on your writing career.

6:50 PM tend to dog/cat/kids/spouse.

7:00 PM catch up on reality show/news/kids lives/spouses issues.

7:05 PM check email to see if today is the day.

8:00 PM numbly sit and watch media mindlessly.

8:30 PM worry that your never going to finish your book. Try to imagine what it might be like to be your main character.

8:40 PM tend to dog/cat/kids/spouse.

8:50 PM think of great idea for your story! Go to write it down get interrupted by dog/cat/kids/spouse. Forget idea.

9:00 PM finally some alone time with dog/cat/kids/spouse, cast your worries about writing far away, decide to live in the moment, kick back and enjoy your life.

9:05 PM check your email to see if any publishers have been trying to get a hold of you.

9:06 PM yell at dog/cat/kids/spouse to stay out of garbage/plants/trouble/cookies.

9:10 PM browse web for encouragement, entertainment, and relaxation. Find none.

11:00 PM groggily tend to dog/cat/kids/spouse.

11:30 PM collapse into bed and dream of being a real writer some day.


6:00 AM wake early to get copious amounts of quality writing done in the peace and quiet of the early morning hours. Check thesaurus for better word.

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