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Sleddin in Michigan

You guys wanna come up north to da cottage an do some sleddin? Hop on 75 past the thumb to da UP.

Stop by da party store and get some pop, Faygo or Vernors so we can make Boston coolers. If they don’t got it, Meijers will.

I just put in new doorwall, so imunna sit on da deck and lookit da fudgies play by da big lake.

We picked up some pasties from some Yoopers from da Soo dat sell em acrost da road, so dinnah’s no prob.

Oh, an grab da cards from the glovebox we can play some Euchre, eh?

Better hurry, it’s already June and there’ll be bad sleddin from here on out. Oh, and be careful with your sleds on da bridge some cidiot went an plowd it.

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