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The Demented Squirrel

They had lied to Sally the squirrel.

It wasn't fun giving birth without an epidural.

She screamed at her hubby. Get me some food.

In choppy squirrel words, she sounded quite rude.

So off he went to the legendary land of the nuts.

Nearly falling from the branch like a klutz

Perched on a limb at the edge of the asylum.

Sharpening his teeth as he chewed the tree’s xylem.

He chatted in Squirrel, only I understood him.

Odd that a squirrel be named Tim.

Sitting in his tree, Tim looked straight at me.

Food in abundance as far as the eye can see.

I looked around and saw other inmates.

Everyone is quite mad in odd mental states.

His plan he announced, and it left me quite shaken.

I tried in vain to explain how he was mistaken.

An army of friends they would share in the feast.

A yard full of nuts to feed these confused beasts.

It is a slang expression I tried to explain.

But the creatures were unwilling to refrain.

Unable to dissuade them, they were ignoring my pleas.

The carnivorous squirrel army climbed down from their trees.

I ran to my cell, all made of metal.

Locking the door did not make my mind settle.

I plugged both my ears to block out the noise.

The sounds of a rodent as it destroys.

The next day I went out, but nothing had changed.

For the squirrel it was sane, but I was deranged.

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